New product underway for E learning system

This application will educate your Mil. employer and keep them active with every day program that they have to execute on the phone or PC. And will give the army a good overview of the health and status of there employers.

This will give them the following program:

  • field, or simulator training: report to trainer and result will be uploaded by trainer
  • E learning, every employer has to take a course or education online and spent active time on it so employers will stay in the same level or go higher. (give them also a better change finding a job after active duty.)
  • the system will give a overview of the current status of your army and can provide detailed information and solutions for every employer.
  • and much more…..

Echobase simulator: Motion Reality on National Geographic Chanel

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Echobase simulator: Motion Reality on National Geographic Program:          Stephen Hawking’s             Brave New World

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Welcome to Echobase!

We provide professional and innovative solutions for simulation systems, used by the military, government and police departments.

We offer a complete virtual combat simulation systems and solutions like intergrated education syllabuss, wich can also be maintained and updated.

We supply various combat simulators.We also offer the possibility for the client to construct a complete concept of a virtual combat system center.


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